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Doncaster Pride Bus Launch.

Thank you to UK Pride Doncaster Travel Partner First South Yorkshire for their support of Pride and wider support of the LGBT+ community of Doncaster.

The visibility brought by this bus, that will be in service across routes in Doncaster, is so, so important.

We know some people won’t approve… we know negativity and hate will find its way onto social media - because sadly that’s what happens. But, projects like this are vital and support from organisations like First will help tackle these prejudices and break down the barriers to greater equality for all.

Our community needs to come together to outnumber those who may wish to criticise, who may want to verbalise their homophobia… so we’re asking you to fill our feed and that of First with positivity and love.

After all isn’t that what Pride is all about?

Two Great UK Pride Doncaster Party's Announced

Make sure you get yourself over to the Olde Castle Hotel for two great nights out.
  • Friday 9th August - Pre Pride Party 7pm - 1am - Free Entry
  • Saturday 10th August - Pride After Party - 9pm - 5am - Free Entry

Civic Mayor Award honours Doncaster Pride Committee

Doncaster Pride, a registered charity, was established in 2007 and run by a small team of volunteers, it has delivered an annual event in the city ever since. This year, Doncaster is set to host its biggest and most ambitious event yet, and as UK Pride Host City will put Doncaster on the map. Pride events are important as they raise the profile of the LGBTQ+ community, celebrate the culture and heritage and campaign for much-needed support to bring about inclusion and end discrimination.

Jenny Dewsnap, Chair of Doncaster Pride, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to receive this honour.

“This is a real boost to the Pride team, a small team of dedicated and passionate volunteers, working hard to support the local LGBTQ+ community. Every year, the team put their hearts and souls into organising Doncaster’s annual Pride event to celebrate the culture and heritage and campaign for support to bring about inclusion and end discrimination.”

Civic Mayor Duncan Anderson said: “Pride must continue to stand up for all parts of our community, continue to be a celebration of vibrancy and vitality, continue as a show of solidarity and defiance.

“Pride is many things; a protest, a party, a show of community and of love, it is beautiful and it is joyful but above all it is essential.

“So for the work they have done, and the work I know they will continue to do, I would like to thank the Pride committee from the bottom of my heart.”

The Civic Award recognises the positive contribution made by deserving individuals and organisations to our communities. Unlike the Freedom of the City award, which requires Full Council approval, this award falls under the remit of the Civic Mayor (in consultation with the Mayor and Chief Executive) and is announced and presented toward the end of the Civic Year.

The Award will help recognise those who work tirelessly in our communities to benefit others. The Civic Mayor is well placed to identify prospective recipients during their term of office as both Deputy and Civic Mayor roles involve meeting people from all walks of life who carry out numerous roles to support good causes.

UK Pride Doncaster and Cast Children and Family Zone

Organisers of Doncaster Pride, this year’s host city for UK Pride, have today announced a much bigger Children and Family Zone that will contain the third of four stages promised for Pride Day – August 10th.

In a brand-new collaboration with Cast Theatre and the addition of a “much bigger” space, The Cast Children and Family Zone will contain a stage crammed full of entertainment and loads of activities for children to get involved with. The area will be open throughout the afternoon and housed in a candy-striped Big Top-style structure.

Spokesperson for Pride Jenny Dewsnap said “We recognise that lots of people come to Pride for the entertainment, and we decided it was time to bring in a stage and programmed entertainment to the Family Space. We are thrilled to have Cast’s involvement with programming and delivery and can’t wait to announce the lineup for our younger pride goers. But one thing we can confirm is we have what we believe to be the first-ever “official” Pride Magician MagicALEXcellencE with Alex D Fisher”.

Cast’s Head of Participation said “We are absolutely buzzing to be part of this joyful, inclusive, and exciting event. Doncaster Pride is a real shining light in the local event scene, bringing together fabulous fun times for people of all ages and backgrounds. As the hosts of this year’s family tent, we’re excited to present free, inclusive activities and performances for big and little kids - so everyone can get stuck in and have a great time!”

Following the announcement of the Main Stage and Pride Stage, this is the third stage and organisers have promised there is more to come with a FOURTH stage announcement coming in the next few days as the event on Town Field prepares itself for its UK Pride Host City main event.

From humble beginnings in 2007 with just short of a thousand visitors the event now expects to top 20,000 over the course of the 9-hour, free event, that welcomes ANYONE to join in the celebration of LGBTQ+ culture and heritage in a fully inclusive and welcoming space created for everyone.

Organisers of the event, Doncaster Pride, a registered charity that works year-round to support the community and is delivered by a group of volunteers have committed to put Doncaster on the map during 2024.

Jenny concluded:

“We have seen Doncaster Pride grow into one of the largest events in Doncaster and one of the biggest free pride events in the north of England.

Prides exist to celebrate LGBTQ+ culture and heritage and campaign for continued improvements to the rights of our marginalised community, and it’s a great testament to the wider public of Doncaster that they come and enjoy the day alongside and in support of our community.

We are thrilled to see this huge growth for the family zone due to the attendance at the event by many families and loads of under 10’s. It really is great to see everyone together enjoying what is an amazing day for all - it feels like Pride has achieved a great deal through its education strategies since 2007 in terms of inclusion and we look forward to welcoming you all on August 10th”.

Heras Fence Panel Advertising Covers for UK Pride Doncaster 2024

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Two Great Hotel Deals
UK Pride Doncaster Weekend

Anyone looking for a hotel for this year's UK Pride Doncaster we have now one but two great deals on hotels with our great supporters Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express.

Holiday Inn A1 Warmsworth and The Express is located at First Point Business Park close to the City Centre details can be found  by clicking the link below

UK Pride Organisers Network Visit February 2024

Two months into the UK Pride Host City Year and the team from Doncaster met with UK Pride Organisers Network representatives for an update meeting.

We discussed the site, the plans and the features that are coming together for the event in August and the rest of the wrap-around campaigns for the Host City Year.

UKPON went away happy that the planning is going well and very excited at the news we shared with them about our plans. All this coming soon as we start to share with you all the amazing things coming your way for 2024.


Fundraising Event hosted at The Olde Castle Doncaster

February saw the first of the Fundraising Events hosted in the back bar at The Olde Castle. The event was also the start of the UK Pride Doncaster 2024 announcements beginning with a new host for the City Stage, Matt Jameson.

Performing at The Olde Castle were also three other acts all booked for this year's event. Ken Lambert Drag will be performing on the City Stage which this year is given over to local talent. Every act and performer on the City Stage is connected to Doncaster and part of our showcase of the amazing local talent we have. Ken will also be co-hosting one of the hour-long Cabaret Shows in the later part of the day as we introduce the Cabaret Marquee - a Big Top Stage where there will be three ticketed over 18's shows to choose from - more on that to come.

Also on the Friday night line-up and heading to the Main Stage on Pride Day were NikK Mager and Soraya Vivian. Nikk of Popstars The Rivals and X Factor fame and is known for his time in the boyband Phixx. Soraya is well known to Doncaster Pride goers from her set back in the Gresley Square days and is now UK Pride and Euro Pride Ambassador performing across Europe at prides such as Mas Palomas, Benidorm, Antwerp and Ambassador for Kyiv Pride in The Ukraine.

Further line-up announcements are coming very soon as we move close to announcing the headline act in the coming days.

Check out the photo album from the fundraiser and also here's a link to interviews hosted on the UK Pride Doncaster YouTube site.

Doncaster Pride announces first celebrity association for UK Pride Doncaster

Organisers of Doncaster Pride, UK Pride Host City for 2024, have today given the first of what will be a “series of lineup announcements” all promised in the coming few weeks!

Joining the Doncaster Pride Team as celebrity host, compere and UK Pride Ambassador is none other than Matt Jameson

Matt, most recognisable from his time on ‘Married at First Sight UK’, was one-half of the first same-sex couple to be married on the hit E4 show. 

Since appearing on MAFS UK, Matt has continued to work in broadcasting, as well as being an event host and brand ambassador. He has presented and hosted many large-scale corporate and charity events both in Yorkshire and across the UK. 

Matt is an established and prominent LGBTQ+ campaigner and commentator as well as the Chief Operating Officer for the LGBTQ+ charity; Out Together, which supports older LGBTQ+ people facing social isolation and loneliness. He has also worked in the corporate and charity sector for over 10 years and will be bringing this passion, knowledge, and vast experience to all Pride activities. 

Pride spokesperson said: 

We are thrilled Matt has joined us this year, we know the people of Doncaster will love getting to know him throughout our UK Pride host city year. Matt will become one of the faces of Pride as he’s committed to not just Pride Day on August 10th, but a series of other events and activities planned in the lead-up to the big day. So, watch out… because when you see Matt you’ll know something is coming!

Matt begins his work on 23rd Feb with a fundraising event that announces a few other names on the lineup for the big day and then his next engagement will be March 6th when he will join the UK Pride team again for – well that would be telling!

Follow Matt on Instagram: @matt_d_jameson
Doncaster Pride

Doncaster Pride make New Year announcements as Doncaster becomes the UK Pride Host City for 2024

Now in its eighteenth year the team behind Doncaster Pride has today announced some of the plans for 2024, the year Doncaster has been selected to host the UK Pride Event.

A brand-new website, unveiled at 12 noon on New Year’s Day contained a series of announcements – the biggest of which was the move to Doncaster’s Town Field for the main event taking place on Saturday, August 10th

Following humble beginnings in Doncaster Market Square the event has outgrown various sites including the stadium grounds at Lakeside and Sir Nigel Gresley Square and now the anticipated 20,000-day visitors will be located at a specially erected Pride Site in the heart of Town Field.

Other announcements included a third performance space – so not just the regular two stages, this year the event will feature a seated Cabaret Marquee.

Doncaster Pride is a registered charity and the volunteer team not only plans and delivers the event but raise the thousands of pounds required to do so on an annual basis, much of this business sponsorship and donations.

So, what is UK Pride and why Doncaster?

Chair of the Pride Team Jenny Dewsnap told us:

“There are around 260 volunteer-run pride events like Doncaster in the UK. Every year one is selected to host the national event. It is voted on by other pride organisers, so we feel honoured that our peers selected Doncaster for 2024

It’s not necessarily about it just being bigger, it's about showcasing what we do in Doncaster year in, year out, but with an extra bit of glitter and sparkle!

We will see more visitors to the event in August, but it is our intention to make the most of the year, that’s why we’ve started with a series of announcements on January 1st

One of our most ambitious plans will see the annual Parade featuring representation from every pride in the UK, including near neighbours like Harworth and Bircotes and Mexborough. Others will travel from up and down the UK to be with us for a celebration of the events we all deliver and a chance to acknowledge the work of the thousands of volunteers who do exactly what we do here in Doncaster.”

The announcements also featured information about Doncaster’s first-ever Youth Pride, described as a legacy project linked to UK Pride and the launching of a YouTube Channel that will be used for the whole of 2024 to capture the sights, sounds and flavour of the UK Pride Host City Year that was described as a moment in a timepiece of social history. Organisers also vowed there is much, much more to come and there will be some incredible announcements as the plans unfold through the year.

Jenny concluded:

It's not only great for Doncaster Pride and the LGBTQ+ community, but it’s also great for Doncaster. The event will bring in masses of visitors to spend locally and to see our great city in a positive light. But 2024 is so much more than a day in August, there is a much bigger picture where we hope to use the host city title as a catalyst to a year of change, a year where we all consider the wider impacts of equality, diversity, and inclusion. After all equality isn’t just about the LGBTQ+ community – equality is equality for everyone, no matter what, and it’s that philosophy that sums up Doncaster Pride’s event in August – a place for everyone to just be who they are. Everyone is welcome, everyone is included, everyone can be a part of what will be an enormous year for Doncaster”.