Hello and welcome to the online home of Doncaster Pride!  

Before you have a look around the site please let us tell you a little about who we are: 
Doncaster Pride is a registered charity, run entirely by volunteers. Every penny we raise goes back to support our community. 

We’re here to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community with our friends and allies. We’re here to celebrate diverse sexualities and genders.
We’re here to tell people that they are welcome in Doncaster. We're here to fight for progress and acceptance. 

We make Doncaster Pride happen because we love it and we’ve seen first-hand the effects it has on individuals and the city.   

We’d like to thank our supporters and sponsors for helping us to make Doncaster Pride the success it is and we hope you enjoy finding out more about our plans. 

Doncaster Pride Team   

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