Doncaster Pride Rainbow Market 
Information Marquee
Saturday 6th August
Elmfield Park

Please show your support for all of our Retail and Information Stalls

Rainbow Market Stalls Layout

Info/Charity Marquee Layout

Retail Stall 1:     Burrows Toyota (Doncaster) Advice and 3 cars on display.                                                                                                                                                                                
Retail Stall 2:     Rainbow Merchandise.                                                                                      
Retail Stall 3:     City Fibre - Parade of Unity Sponsor.
Retail Stall 4:     Why Not Book this 3m x3m Pitch for just £150 -CLICK HERE TO BOOK
Retail Stall 5:     Doncaster Labour Party.
Retail Stall 6:    Reserved
Retail Stall 7:    Reserved
Retail Stall 8:     Festival Face Painting.
Retail Stall 9:     Festival Face Painting.
Retail Stall 10:  Josh Hawkes - Law Firm offering Legal Services.
Retail Stall 11:  BT - Plusnet - EE - Sponsor of Green Pride.
Retail Stall 12:  Frank & Stein Silver Street. -Pride Sponsor.
Retail Stall 13:  Reserved
Retail Stall 14:  Reserved
Retail Stall 15:  Reserved
Retail Stall 16:  Reserved
Retail Stall 17:  Reserved
Retail Stall 18:  Reserved
Retail Stall 19:  Reserved
Retail Stall 20:  Reserved
Retail Stall 21:  Probation Service Yorkshire and the Humber
Retail Stall 22:  Why Not Book this 3m x3m Pitch for just £150 -CLICK HERE TO BOOK
Retail Stall 24:  Why Not Book this 3m x3m Pitch for just £150 - CLICK HERE TO BOOK
Retail Stall 25:  Doncaster Council  localities team
Retail Stall 26:  Embellished Arts - LGBTQ Items and Handmade Gifts.
Retail Stall 27:  Deliciously Diverse Gifts and Cards.
Retail Stall 28:  Doncaster Green Party.
Retail Stall 29:  South Yorkshire Housing Association -  supporting  people with health conditions to find work or stay in work.
Retail Stall 30:  Why Not Book this 3m x3m Pitch for just £150 CLICK HERE TO BOOK
Retail Stall 31:  Why Not Book this 3m x3m Pitch for just £150CLICK HERE TO BOOK
Inside the Information Marquee:
Info Stall 1:    Right Up Our Street.
Info Stall 2:    Open Minds Counselling Services.
Info Stall 3:    Yorkshire's Brain Tumour Charity.
Info Stall 4:    Doncaster Mind.
Info Stall 5:    Young People at Heart.
Info Stall 6:    Advance Doncaster - Hospitality Sponsor
Info Stall 7:    Children's Air Ambulance - Sponsors of the Family Zone.
Info Stall 8:    GMB Union - Sponsoring Pride For All.
Info Stall 9:    NHS Doncaster Teaching Hospitals - Pride Sponsor
Info Stall 10:  Voluntary Action Doncaster - Sponsors of the Quite Area.
Info Stall 11:  Doncaster Children's Services Trust. - Website Sponsors
Info Stall 12:  Touch Stone Education - Main Sponsor of Doncaster Pride.
Info Stall 13:  Mother Hookers.
Info Stall 14:  Scarborough Barracks.
Info Stall 15:  The Library & The  Olde Castle Hotel - Sponsors of the Silent Disco.
Info Stall 16:  Citizens Advice Doncaster Borough.
Info Stall 17:  Unison - Sponsors of the Pride Stage.
Info Stall 18:  Cast Theatre.
Info Stall 19:  Fostering agency 
Info Stall 20:  Doncaster Methodist Circuit.
Info Stall 21:  Big Ambitions CIC.
Info Stall 22:  Cura-Care
Info Stall 23:  Eve Merton Dreams Trust
Info Stall 24:  National Education Union.
Info Stall 25:  The ME Project CiC - Mental health services / groups / art therapy / children's mental health
Info Stall 26:  Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice.