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Fancy meet and greet backstage on Pride day? Or how about a photo opportunity with Miss Penny? Maybe a round of drinks on us..? Interested? Then read on....

Today we launch BAND FOR PRIDE... a brand new loyalty offer that gives you chance to support Pride and grab yourself some truly amazing prizes and experiences!

It’s simple, we have 500 wristbands and they are now available for sale at just £10 each.
Order now and receive your band and join the exclusive 500.

Wear your band Pride Day (August 18th) and throughout the day band holders will have opportunities to get backstage, have photos or just grab that first person in the queue opportunity for a drink on us.

Once they’re gone that’s it and Pride will have a nice £5k to add to the funds. Did you know that Pride costs over £25k? so new money coming in is always great, it means we have more cash to improve the day, and by being a supporter of Band for Pride it's your way of showing your support to the event and the wider work we do year round for the LGBT+ community of Doncaster. Remember Doncaster Pride may be free to attend but it's far from free to make happen!

That’s not all, the bands are festival style ribbon bands with reusable fastener so you can wear whenever you want and show how proud you are of Pride, and also this is a band for life not a gimmick for this year. So next year the self same band holders will get more opportunities to get their hands on exclusive offers and opportunities.

Please show your support for Pride, the LGBT+ Community and the event. Without money coming in we can't continue to deliver a great event for you, so whether you're gay or straight now's the time to wear your Doncaster Pride band with pride and dig .... not too deep... to help and support us.


When Pride chair Jenny Dewsnap met singer and award winning actress Sheridan Smith at a country music gig in the town recently she wasted no time in inviting her to this years Pride in August.

Sheridan told Jenny how she has always supported the LGBT+ community and if her work commitments will allow it she would love to attend this years Pride.

The West End star is currently on a national tour. The sell out tour will feature songs from her self titled debut album and will see Sheridan perform in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Blackpool, Manchester, Liverpool, Norwich, Nottingham and the Albert Hall in London.

Sadly, there is no Doncaster date in the schedule, but it has been suggested that if she does make it to this years Pride she might well end up on stage so watch this space….

Doncaster based spokesperson for Sheridan, Howard Johnson has told the Pride organisers that :-

Sheridan’s schedule for August has not been finalized yet and she is heavily committed with both music, film and television projects in pre production. However, she is incredibly supportive of the town where her professional career began and after hearing all about Doncaster Pride she is really hoping she will be able to come home and support it.

So much so that she has just agreed to be this years Patron….”

What is a patron and why is it important.

Patrons are supporters who help us publicise Pride and the work we do on behalf of the LGBT+ community.

Having supportive and high profile patrons help us bring in sponsorship that is vital to us raising money we need to deliver Pride. 

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