Meet the Team
To contact any member of the team please email: putting the team members name you are contacting in the subject line or phone: 01302 590830 or use the Contact Us tab.

Jen Dewsnap - Chairperson (she/her) 

Jen took over as Chair from Cath in 2016 having been Vice-Chair and Event Development for the previous 9 years. She is one of the original South Yorkshire Pride committee from 2007. 
Jen is mainly responsible for the event infrastructure, stage and acts safety/legislative requirements and sponsorship. She's also the face of Facebook and press/media. 
Jen is also currently Chair of UK Pride Organisers Network.

 John Dorlin-Wagstaff- Deputy Chairperson (he/him)

John runs the Market - not an easy job and leaves him tearing out his hair every year (if he had any!) He's also the green-fingered member of the team too providing all the plants and decorative greenery for the backstage area. 

Kevin Dorlin-Wagstaff - Secretary (he/him)

Kev takes notes and prepares minutes at all the meetings - he has writers cramp after the very long meetings at times! 
He makes sure we're all on track and delivering what needs to be delivered as agreed and reminds us all when we don't! 

Cath Fox - Treasurer (she/her) 

Cath holds on to very tight purse strings! She rules the committee with an iron rod and doesn't allow anything to be spent that isn't absolutely needed! 

Trevor Jones - Committee Member (he/him) 

Part of the 2007 delivery team, joining the committee from 2008. He is mainly responsible for the Parade of Unity, working with DMBC and authorities to agree on the route and safety etc. He's also the chief decorator and designer of the backstage area and the site in general. The man who can and does trawl the internet to find every mortal thing needed for the best possible price! He also has a huge responsibility for the website shared with Rob. 

Jodie Thompson - Committee Member (she/her)  

Jodie provides support to sponsors and is the link between them and the team and her main job is to ensure they are kept happy. She's also administrative support in terms of acts, hotel bookings and generally anything that needs booking or confirming she's your woman!  

Rob Clayton - Committee Member (he/him) 

Rob is in charge of the visual production of the screen on Pride day - which involves pulling together huge amounts of material. He also looks after our social media and the website.  

Liane Denley - Committee Member (she/her)  

Liane has rejoined the committee after a few years away. She's the number cruncher, bid writer and chief counter of anything and everything. 
She provides support with sponsorship and is pretty good at making things too! 

Jacqui Harbrecht-Duke - Committee Member (she/her) 

Jacqui has been a part of the Pride team informally for a number of years. 
 Helping on Pride day with backstage, mainly the entry of acts and VIP’s as well as the bar and VIP reception. 
 In 2020 we’ve persuaded her to join us full time and once we start the real tasks of delivering an event she’ll be supporting with markets, sponsors and general planning as well as being a vital part of the backstage on the day.  

Kathreen Harbrecht - Committee Member (she/her)  

Kathy too has joined the team formally in 2020 and like Jacqui has been a part of the backstage crew for many years. 
Managing the secure entrance to backstage can be a thankless job at times, so too can keeping the crew happy, but as our driver, shopper and deliverer of the all-important crew refreshments she has a key role in keeping us all happy. 
She’s also, like Jacqui going to be lending her skills to the wider planning and delivery when we’re up and running again.

Bea Wood - Committee Advisor (she/her)

Bea has joined the committee as a special advisor in respect of the trans community. 
As Doncaster grows and aspires to be more and more inclusive we felt the addition of a specialist adviser was long overdue - welcome to the team, Bea.  
I’m Bea, diagnosed with ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome and gender dysphoria and I’m transgender! I won miss transgender UK pageant in 2017, and I’m now a proud member of the Doncaster Pride team. 
My goals in life are to spread love and awareness for the LGBT community and help people with their struggles which I do through my job at PFG where I am a peer to peer support worker helping people in crisis.

The team would also like to thank the following for their ongoing input 

Bradley Dewsnap - marketing, design and backstage bar lead on Pride Day 

Ali for being the non-committee committee member since 2007 

Chief Inspector Jayne Forrest for her advice, guidance and commitment to Pride in Doncaster 

Lauren, Leah, Gell, Kate, Allysia, Jade, Wendy, Cerys and Leah for their support backstage 

Liz for security support 

Annette and Bo Ramsay for Stage Management and act support 

Phil for infrastructure advice and guidance Wayne for being there, always

 … and all the unsung volunteer hero’s since 2007 – far, far too many to name but thank you all!