Doncaster Pride - PRESS RELEASE

Published 21st January 2022


Doncaster Pride is Back… bigger than ever! 
Following two years of Covid restrictions leading to the cancellation of the event the team behind the colourful festival are thrilled to announce plans for this years Pride. 

 Doncaster Pride will take place at Elmfield Park on Saturday 6 August and will be a return to the usual format with live music, entertainment, market stalls and the Parade. In addition there are a number of new features planned for the larger space including a family area, a quiet space, a dance tent and silent disco are also on the list of things being added. 

But there’s more… Pride now will begin a week earlier with a return of the ‘town pride’ format of 2021 

Chair of the trustees Jenny Dewsnap said “Naturally we’re thrilled to be back planning the big event, we can’t wait to reveal details of the Parade, the park venue, the stages and all the new features. We’re working hard at the moment to bring in the funding to allow us to progress all of these plans and rest assured we’re really pushing hard for all these things to happen. When we sat down to plan there was an element of relief but also a lot of head scratching about how we incorporate the lessons learned from the last two years and we feel we’ve come up with a great forward plan”. 

 In 2021 with restrictions permitting only small gatherings the Pride team made a passionate plea to the town to help them deliver the event. The original plans were to host 8 mini Prides in 8 different venues, but the requests to be a part of the event flooded in and eventually over forty mini events were delivered. 

Jenny continued: “Doncaster stood up for the LGBT+ Community and Doncaster Pride. It was incredible. All I could do was remember countless years that we couldn’t get people to take calls or return emails let alone fly a rainbow or a trans flag and open their venue to the community. Places you would never dream of… cafes, pubs, the new Danum Gallery, restaurants, offices, shopping centres… and not just in the town centre but borough wide, and requests just kept coming. 

I’ve said on the record that this felt like Doncaster saying ‘its ok, we got this for you this year’ and because of this legacy town pride returns on 30 July and we will once again be promoting a range of events across Doncaster. 

  It's so important that these events continue and that the venues that stood up for us when we needed them are again packed to the rafters with customers. The economic recovery of these businesses and our town hugely important and if we can give them a big day then we feel that’s what we should do. We have learned many things from Covid and one is that you value those who stand by you when you need it”. 

 But that’s not all… 

 Doncaster Pride is committing itself to going GREEN. The trustees have committed to the implementation of a series of measures that will be more environmentally friendly. 

 Jenny commented: “We’re looking at alternative power sources, recycling and only contracting with suppliers who have the same ethos as us and do all they can to reduce their waste. So no more single use plastics and no more non recyclable food cartons is just the start. We want to make Doncaster Pride more environmentally considerate and to do our bit for future generations”. 

Key Dates 
 30 July – Town Pride – a series of mini events in venues 
 30/7 – 5/8 – Pride Week – more venue based events 
 6 August – Doncaster Pride Main Event Elmfield Park   

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 Contact Jenny Dewsnap