Advertising Opportunities at Doncaster Pride 2022

Doncaster Pride is back.. and it’s changing. 

Following the success of the 2021 Town Centre Pride that saw multiple small events across the town centre and wider borough we’ve decided to repeat this and make it the start of 8 days of Pride celebrations culminating in the Main Event in Elmfield Park on 6 August. 

Local business support continues to grow and  advertising is a great way to get your business name out there to over 18,000 people on the day. 

Our advertising packages for this year are listed below.  Choose from big sceen avertising to herris fencing banners

Advertising opportunities - Still Adverts (JPG FORMAT) £350 (incl. VAT)
A Main Stage live feed is shown on a large screen and presents an excellent and cost effective way of getting your business message to our large audience with an advert that appears on a loop throughout the day. 

For advertising enquiries please contact: 

Phone: 01302 590830 and choose option 3